Here's what I'm using these days:

Developer Life

Editor + Terminal + Coding

  • VS Code
  • Synthwave theme
  • Hyper or iTerm depending on the day
  • macOS
  • My daily browser is Firefox because its super rad and for debugging I use Firefox Developer Edition or Chrome
  • Font of choice for coding: Dank Mono
  • CMS of choice: Statamic (or Craft CMS when the build is big and super complex and/or needs a database)
  • CSS of choice: Tailwind CSS
  • Vue.js or Nuxt.js or Gridsome (aka Vue across the board)

Servers and stuff

  • I try to avoid server management as much as I can because it makes my blood boil.
  • For WordPress I've loved Flywheel
  • For cheap shared hosting and domains with free privacy I've used DreamHost for years without complaint
  • For Statamic and sites were continuous deployment is helpful, Ploi is my goto deployment platform (usually on a DigitalOcean server because they are sooo good)
  • Cloudinary and Imagekit are both amazing for making images and media handling easier and better. because #perfmatters

The Office

Apps I couldnt live without

  • 1Password is the greatest thing since melted butter.
  • ProtonVPN keeps my internet traffic secure, which is super important when on public wifi.
  • For dev projects Basecamp Personal is the coolest thing ever


  • Harvest for time tracking
  • Dropbox makes cloud storge easy
  • ~Woven is amazing for scheduling meetings. I can just generate a link for folks to grab time off my calendar~ RIP Woven...
  • ~I organize nearly everything on kanbans via Trello but am worried their Atlassian overlords will kill it. Bigger things go into Basecamp Personal~ JK, since 2020 I moved on from Trello and on to Notion (it has a high learning curve but is oh so powerful)

Desktop Setup

  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) - 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16GB DDR3 RAM - 500GB SSD HD
  • My desk is the Uplift with white legs
  • My mech keyboard that I love is a Keychron 2
  • My laptop is perfectly positioned via the iLevel Rain Design Stand

Desktop Apps

  • For quick screenshots and videos I use CloudApp
  • I use the hand mirror app to make sure I'm not totally hideous when I show up at video meetings
  • is an amazing little app for grabbing and storing color palettes
  • CopyClip is a life saver because it stores the gazillion copies that I do. It will change your workflow.
  • Magnet is how I manage all my windows


Mobile Photos

  • Currently I do a lot of mobile photography with my Moment gear
  • Moment Anamorphic Lense
  • Moment Wide Angle Lense
  • Moment Telephoto Lense
  • Moment Fisheye Lense

Non Mobile Photography


Yes I'm a huge financial/budget nerd. I want to create a series of blogs about investing, personal finance and more! So stay tuned for more. For now, check out the blog I wrote about our budget. (tl;dr I use Wealthfront to automate our savings)

Stock Trading

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