David A. Lindahl

Front End/UI Developer | Designer | E-commerce Operator | Entrepreneur | Outdoor Adventurer | Photographer


Howdy! 👋

My name is David and I’m a frontend/UI developer by day and ecommerce entrepreneur running Rainier Watch by night.

I love bringing ideas to life for people just like you. It’s somewhat of a passion of mine, dating back to 2013 when I started tweeting as Rainier Watch when The Mountain was out. Since then I’ve grown a social media following to over 50,000. Then in 2018 I started the RW Shop and since generated over $100,000 in sales and have donated over $7,000.

I’ve built 20+ websites for clients and worked on internal revenue generating products at prior agencies. I’ve built websites used by hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people.

In the past I’ve used various web tools like Vue.js, CMSes like Statamic and Craft, HTML/CSS, Tailwind CSS, Alpine.JS, and even, yes, jQuery, to make epic digital solutions for clients like Sony, the Ad Council, Laravel News, Microsoft, and SAP Concur. At the end of the day, I love crafting intuitive digital solutions for compelling brands and creating beautiful user experiences that surprise and delight end users. Also you should know being a child of the 80s, I’m embarrassingly obsessed with all things throwback design (queue the synthwave music 👾) and love designing new apparel for for my aforementioned side project, Rainier Watch.


Me, elsewhere online:

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Things I use

  • Airtable

  • AlpineJS

  • APIs

  • Axios

  • BEM

  • Blade PHP

  • Bootstrap

  • Browser Cookies

  • Carrd.co

  • CMS

  • Craft CMS

  • CSS Keyframes

  • Gridsome

  • Gulp

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • Laravel

  • Mapbox

  • Netlify

  • Netlify Functions

  • Nuxt.js

  • Parallax

  • Responsive Design

  • SCSS

  • Statamic

  • Tailwind CSS

  • Vue.js

  • Vuex

  • Webpack

Selected Testimonials

I cannot say enough great things about David. I first approached David two years ago to help build a custom website to showcase my portfolio. As a design professional, I had some pretty lofty visions and ideas. David not only accepted my demands, he told me he'd build custom CMS website so that I could add, edit and change content to my liking for years to come. He was timely in his delivery, communicative in his process, and readily available for any questions or concerns I had along the way and after launch. Working with David was an enjoyable and collaborative experience and the product he delivered met all of my expectations. To this day I continue to partner with David on projects. I 10/10 would recommend!

Amanda Perez
Freelance Client

David and I collaborated on multiple projects together at our time in Indigo Slate, and it was a pleasure working together. Apart from his great developer skills and attention to detail, I would like to point out his two noteworthy qualities.

One, his ability to canvass the requirements of a project, and finding the best tools for it. If there is a better tool or practice for the task, he will find it. He's not afraid of leaving his the comfort zone to learn new technologies. Most recently, David introduced Tailwind CSS to our team, to solve pain points and development issues, resulted in better development experience.

Second, he's a great communicator and doesn't leave any unanswered questions or ambiguity, making sure all requirements are addressed with the best solutions. It is always enjoyable and eye-opening discussing with him.

Baris Can Ceylan
Former coworker


Just a smattering of my favorite projects:

Side Projects

Some side projects that were the bee's knees, in my unbiased opinion:

  • 2020

    The Lockdown - Fan Written Seinfeld Script

    My friend wrote a Seinfeld script, I built him a website.

    • Gridsome

    • Netlify

    • Tailwind CSS

  • 2020

    Woodinville Halofest Club

    I throw Halo LAN parties with my friends every so often, so I made a website so people can vote.

    • Gridsome

    • Netlify

    • Tailwind CSS

    • Vue.js

    • Airtable

    • Netlify Functions

  • 2019

    Seattle Adventure Club

    An idea I had to explore new realms. Currently on hold.

    • Carrd.co

  • 2019

    Made With Spark

    I made and launched a user-submitted collection of websites using Laravel Spark

    • Made With Spark

  • 2018

    The Appex

    We review and test the best Android Apps. Currently in pre-launch.

    • Tailwind CSS

    • Netlify

  • 2018

    STOP32 Photography Club

    Someday I will revive this photography club that I started many years ago

    • STOP32 Photography Club



front end developer

2022 to present

zaengle corp

front end / ui developer

2020 to 2022

rainier watch

founder, designer, marketer, developer

2013 to present

lindahl studios

freelance front-end developer

2017 to present

david lindahl photography

freelance photographer

2010 to present

indigo slate

user interface developer

2018 to 2020

capital one / sharebuilder

anti-money laundering investigator

2013 to 2017


Vue.js Tips

Apr 2019


Code Fellows: Alumni Spotlight

Aug 2022

Top 0.5% of global listeners to Johnny Cash (Spotify)

Jan 2021

Received shout out on Syntax FM (Ep 308)

Dec 2020

2019 Outstanding Contributor UI Team

Jan 2020

"Biggest Techie": Operations Department

Mar 2016

1st Place: Global Employee Photo Contest (Wildlife Category)

Jun 2013

member of the weird wide webring:

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