Why I sold my Nikon Full Frame DSLR after 10+ years

Published: 29 Jan 2021

Modified: 29 Jan 2021

Why I sold my Nikon Full Frame DSLR after 10+ years

I have many hobbies. Too many hobbies if I'm honest with myself. (I never am) One of them that has been on the relative back burner for the last few years is photography. Besides the occasional product photography for Rainier Watch and a few weddings a year i hardly ever use my Nikon D750. And I've got a few thousand photos on my computer that I haven't gone through.

I used to be one of those people who brought their camera everywhere. So recently in an effort to rekindle that photography love I sold my Nikon DSLR after 10+ years of the utmost loyalty to the Nikon brand. It was a hard decision and I spent many days (too many days) agonizing over it but here's why I moved to world of Fuji. Mostly its because I wanted a fresh start.

Hello X-T4!

(Hello stock image of camera from Fuji)

One of the big reasons I didn't want to shoot photos anymore was the process. Bringing my bulky DSLR and glass was a pain, especially when backpacking. So for at least a year I've had my eye on the mirrorless world. Mirrorless is definitely the trendy part of photography and has been for a few years. I get it, they are way lighter and more portable. So that's a win. For several years, I was really tempted by Sony, partially because they are probably at the top of the mirrorless game and partially because I was developing the AlphaUniverse.com full time at my old day job. Also I know Nikon has some pretty good mirrorless options, heck I even rented one for a wedding in 2018, and with Nikon I could use an adapter and keep my current glass. But it was time for a change.

A big reason that Fuji beckoned to me is the digital darkroom process. I've got years and years of photos squirreled away on my various hard drives and a drobo. I used to use Lightroom 3 and my iMac for editing but now that I'm a full time coder and spend my week in front of a computer I don't really want to do more of that. Fujifilm rocks socks with their tones straight out of camera. And they have some amazing film simulation modes in camera that have produced delightful tones for me.

And yes, I know I could take a filter in LR (something I've done in the past) and get that filmy look but by doing this all in camera I'm able to take that step out of the process. Also the film simulation modes are more just filters but they basically change the camera image when captured so it's a filter but not a filter. Additionally the fuji color science and tones are just so stinky good out of camera. So stinkin good I tell ya!

Fast forward to now... I'm probably 2 months into using the Fuji and I love it! The transition has helped spark that artistic love of the photogprahic medium. Plus I've taken some epic puppy pics with it.

Epic puppy pics:

(For more check out the puppy insta)

It's definitely a learning curve as it's a totally new system to learn but so far I've loved the fuji for it's colors, top controls, and stylish looks. And I've acquired several primes including my favorite lens so far; the 16mm 1.4.

My favorite lens: The 16mm f1/4, hooded:

So if you are looking to enter the DX world and don't mind a slight loss in shallow dof and low light (of full frame), I'd recommend the X-T4. In fact, I got mine from Shop Moment and you can too! (Plus if you use my referral link I get a slight kickback which I appreciate!)

Now time to take more shots (and then update my photo website!). See ya out there 📷

PS: Click here for my new photography insta

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